The walloon environment in 10 infographics [2023] (numérique)
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The Walloon environment in 10 infographics presents a summarised and accessible assessment of the state of the environment in Wallonia through 10 infographics with accompanying text. Following an overview of the socio-economic, territorial and institutional context, the assessment focuses on the pressures exerted by the main sectors of activity (agriculture, energy, industry, households) and on the state of the main environmental components (air, water, soil, biodiversity, forests). The infographics provide an overview of key data in an illustrated and eye-catching manner. The accompanying texts provide contextual information to measure and explain the evolution of the situation and look to the future to identify challenges and priorities. The role of environmental legislation as a driving force for these developments and as a guide to achieving new objectives is also covered. In this publication, designed as a communication, awareness and environmental education tool for all, the authors have endeavoured as much as possible to take a cross-cutting approach. This cross-cutting approach is a useful addition to the publication of data on the state of the Walloon environment via the website


Auteur: Collectif (Département de l’étude du milieu naturel et agricole)
Date de publication: 28/12/2022
Format: A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Nombre de pages: 158
Informations techniques: Dos carré collé | Quadrichromie Recto / Verso
Editeur: SPW / EDIWALL
Dépôt légal: D/2023/11802/03
ISBN: 978-2-8056-0473-7


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